The Alliance Career Group was created to be able to give more to client companies, job seekers and the community creating a more personal service while steering away from being the typical robotic firm. Alliance was created to make a difference in the lives of each and every job seeker, a difference in the hiring process and a difference in the mindset of their clients, resulting in a positive experience for all involved.

We have goals for more personal attention; more concern and more passion. Passion for what we can provide to each and every one of our clients and every single job seeker looking for help; even if it’s just some basic advice that our competitors don’t care to take the time to do.

There is no doubt in our minds that we stand out from the majority of career service firms out there today. We stand out for many reasons…Our level of engaging care, true concern and the tenaciously detailed service we provide is far above the average firm. We encourage you the client, and you the job seeker to contact us today and inquire how we can partner with you today.

Thank you for choosing Alliance Career Group

"Honest / Tenacious / Diligent"

Corporate Recruiting

There’s no instruction manual for what we do; but there is no job that we can’t handle.

At Alliance, we are a Proactive Search Firm, not a Reactive Search Firm. For or clients, we want to be searching for your position before its open. For our job seekers, we want to find you your dream job before you start looking.

contact us today to begin a successful partnership towards future success.

Your position will be posted to over 20 Top Job Boards!

We will conduct detailed Corporate Profiles & Candidate Summaries!

The Alliance Candidate Data Base houses over 25,000 professionals in over two dozen career fields!

We are connected in Social and Professional Networks to over 20 Million people!

"Professional / Dedicated / Efficient"

Our Process

1 Access clients needs &
requirements for position
2 Post position to over 20
3 Source - Identify - Qualify
active & passive candidates
4 Complete detailed candidate
present to client
5 Schedule Interviews
prepare candidate
6 Debrief candidates & clients
7 Perform reference checks
verify information
8 Present Offer
Close Candidate
9 Aid client in on boarding of
new employee
10 Perform our 1 - 30 - 60 plan*

*Follow up with employee after the first day, 30th day and 60th day of employment, reporting to client.

“The Alliance 10” is a proven system that aides in matching candidates to companies for the overall best fit for both. Our patented CareerCare® system for candidates is a unique system that aides our clients in their selection process and surpasses our competitors’ outdated recruiting philosophies.

"Passionate / Direct / Forthright"

Next-Gen Interviewing

introducing nextgen interviewing

We have designed a new age video interviewing technique that we implement into our process to better present our candidates for opportunities.

Candidates will have the opportunity to first add a 2 to 3 minute maximum video overview of themselves. What we call their “Elevator Pitch”.

Then candidates will answer 4-5 predesigned basic interview questions in video format; which are traditionally questions that are normally covered in a first interview. This interview file will be available for the entire interview team to give them a better understanding of the presented candidate.

Our goal is to cut the hiring time by 50%.

Career Counseling

At Alliance Career Group we take pride in the care and detail we give to each and every job seeker. Can we promise that we will find you your dream job?


Can we promise that we will make sure that you are prepared for your future?


The Alliance Career Group promises that you will not be treated like a number, not like just another resume, but as a true and experienced person that strives to be the best.

Contact Us Today to start preparing for your future.

Your Resume

Resume Building

90% of job seekers apply online. What they don’t know is that their resume goes into a software program where MORE THAN HALF end up in a black hole because their resume is worded wrong, laid out wrong or not meeting the standards of the company’s software.

Contact Us Today for a free resume evaluation!

Do you really know how important your resume is?

Your resume is your first impression, your business card.

Most qualified applicants "think" they have a good resume.

Most qualified candidates do not move forward in the hiring process because of their resume.

Your resume shows your attention to detail, punctuation, vocabulary, etc.

Your resume shows your organizational skills and detail ability.

Your resume shows how much you care. How much effort you put into it. Too Much? Too little? Poorly Designed?


In today’s job market, many great job seekers get lost in a long process and in some cases, never get seen because they do not stand out from the crowd of the basic resume. At Alliance Career Group, we actually care about you the job seeker, and have set up a tested and proven CareerCare System.

We align ourselves with companies that are passionate as we are about the recruiting and hiring process and work with them in detailed and creative ways most firms do not. You as the job seeker will not get the proverbial run around at Alliance Career Group. We believe that you deserve a full and comprehensive review, and not a 15 second review by a computer program or “personality questionnaire".

At Alliance, get a full and comprehensive CareerCare System Profile that includes detailed information about you and your career that most companies overlook in presenting you to hiring companies. This system can be utilized for our positions or it can be a package that you can present in your own job search.

Every single job seeker that comes through Alliance matters and we will see to it that you are presented in a way that no other has presented you before. Contact Alliance and begin your CareerCare Profile today!